Captive Tracker Plant In Telangana Installed In Jan 19, Actual 23% - 32% Gain In A Month Over Roof Top Plant In Same Campus


Scorpius Trackers, a global leader in Single Axis Tracker Technology has just signed a 125MWp supply contract in South India to be completed in this year with a Prestigious Developer.

This, along with the 130MW plus others to be undertaken with multiple developers makes Scorpius Trackers the defacto leader in tracking solutions for the Indian Market, coupled with an international pipeline of 4.5 GW+, Scorpius Trackers is a strong international player in the American, African and European continents.

Being the only Bankable pureplay Single Axis Tracking Technology straddling ROW and BLOCK tracking philosophies gives Scorpius Trackers an innate advantage, which guarantees developers cutting edge solutions that are built around their project providing all the advantages of Fixed Tilt with the benefits of Tracking the Sun.

With Ground Coverage on par with Fixed Tilt along with ZERO mechanical maintenance, not only is Scorpius Trackers ROW a suitable replacement for older Fixed Tilt technology, with ~100% uptime across 5 years, it is the Industry benchmark.

Scorpius Trackers plants installed across Japanese, Middle East, Africa and the Indian continent, provide consistent and industry leading performance cementing the brand globally. Scorpius Trackers is looking to establish itself as the largest Single Axis Tracking Technology vendor in the coming years.




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