Solar project feed-in tariffs cut in Tamil Nadu, India

Since September 2014, new solar PV projects in Tamil Nadu had enjoyed an extremely favourable FIT of Rs 7.01 per unit (USD 0.11 per unit). However, the State has now set

new tariffs, which are closer to the average FITs in other states around the country.

The new tariffs, which will be in place for one year, were set by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC), and apply to any projects commissioned after 1 April 2016. The new rate is Rs 5.10 per unit, down 27% from the Rs 7.01 tariff that previous projects had enjoyed. It isn’t all that bad, when considering that the average tariffs in others states across India are between Rs 5.5 and Rs 5.7 per unit and the NTPC rates are Rs 4.65 per unit.

The tariffs were calculated in conjuncture with the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s capital cost metric, which accounts for all of the costs associated with installing solar PV projects, including all the equipment and the land acquisition. 




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