"We Are Installing New Machines, Which Will Increase Our Cumulative Capacity To 500MW”

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In Conversation With Mr. Neelesh Garg, Director, Saatvik Green Energy

How has the year 2018 been for Saatvik green energy? Could you please tell us about some of your recent developments?

2018 has been a very crucial year for us, as we have grown as a company and as brand. We have constantly advanced in terms of technology and quality. We have made a strong hold in the region of our operation. We have also made our first successful international supply, opening a new market for us. We have received bids for our modules, which is a necessity to sell in the domestic market now.

Has implementation of Safeguard duty helped local cell manufacturers?

The industry has not really been able to understand the aftermath of the safeguard duty Implementation, I am not sure about the cell manufacturers, as they are still not competitive in terms of price and quality. Most of them have shut their facilities. Developers are still getting modules from China, due to bank-ability issues, and favorable financing options.

Can you tell us more about your existing manufacturing capacity & expansion plans of pv modules?

At present we have a manufacturing capacity of 200 MW annually. The state of the art facility is situated in Ambala, Haryana. At present, the machines installed are from our technology partner eCoProGeTTi. We are installing new machines, which will increase our cumulative capacity to 500MW. The commissioning of the machines will start next month, and will be ready for production in the new financial year. We are aggressively negotiating long term contracts in line with our expansion plans.

What differentiates your company’s offerings from your peers?

As we know that solar Pv Modules are primarily similar across brands, but fundamentally, there is a vast difference. It all depends on the recipe of raw material used and the in- process quality. We ensure that both the above clearly come out in the product that we send out in the market. In terms of technology, we are offering Mono PerC, glass-glass as well as bi-facial modules. Our new machines are capable of handling these modules with utmost efficiency, leading to maximum customer satisfaction.




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