GERC Disposes Petition Of Wheeling of Captive Solar Power Against Torrent Power


Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) recently rejected the petition of M/s. Shivram Dyeing and Printing Mill against Torrent Power Limited in regards with solar captive power plant which is to be installed at the solar site of  M/s KPI Global Infrastructure Limited.


Shivram Dyeing and Printing Mill has filed the petition seeking to grant approval for technical specification of ABT meter for solar captive power plant and to approve the wheeling of solar power.

 On 31.12.2019  Torrent Power Limited has agreed to sign the wheeling agreement in line with the wheeling agreement that is being entered by distribution licensees of GUVNI as per order on new tariff order of the Commission. 


On 06.01.2020 Torrent Power Limited submitted the copy of duly signed agreement however, till date it has not filed the duly signed agreement with shivram dyeing and printing mill.

On 08.05.2020 commission issued Tariff Framework for Procurement of Power by Distribution Licensees and others from solar energy projects and other commercial issues for the state of Gujarat”. Order contains various provisions including metering and wheeling of solar power .

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The commission stated that the above order has everything stated in detail what Shivram Dyeing and Printing Mill requested hence the petition against Torrent Power Limited is disposed of. 

Below is the attachment of the following order

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