Empowering PV Storage And Cultivating Domestic Market! SOFARSOLAR Two Awards Of “Most Influential Brand” Of PV Storage In Hand


On March 3, 2021, the 2020 “PV Energy Cup” New Year Sharing Conference and Award Ceremony co-hosted by SOLARBE and SOLARBE Consulting achieved success. With the strong innovation, excellent quality and service in the field of PV storage, as well as the outstanding brand influence in the domestic distributed market, SOFARSOLAR won the awards of “Most Influential Inverter Enterprise” and “Most Influential PV Storage Solution Enterprise” in 2020, highlighting the core leading position of SOFARSOLAR in the domestic distributed PV market and the field of PV storage integration, and laying a solid foundation for the confidence and determination of the company in continuously empowering PV storage and cultivating a domestic distributed market.


“PV Energy Cup”, the first ceremony of which was officially launched in 2012, now has become the most exclusive and authoritative campaign in PV industry. The 8th “PV Energy Cup” Innovation Sharing Conference in 2020 has been comprehensively upgraded and innovated: the participants are more stringent, and the access threshold is higher. With product quality as the core, supplemented by social responsibility, brand reputation, influence, integrity and other evaluation dimensions, SOFARSOLAR stands out among many enterprises and is awarded “Most Influential Inverter Enterprise” and “Most Influential PV Storage Solution Enterprise” in 2020.

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Over the years, SOFARSOLAR, with excellent product quality as guarantee, strong brand as support in the market, innovative technology as lead, and customer demands as guidance and continuously providing valuable services to customers, enjoys excellent reputation and extensive market influence at home and abroad.


Since 2020, SOFARSOLAR has taken frequent actions in the domestic market. Offices will be set up one after another in Shandong, Wuhan, Shanghai, northeast, Beijing, Henan, and Anhui,  aiming to provide users with more convenient services and marketing support; a series of new PV storage products are launched for specific market segments, such as 15-24kW inverter mainly for large-scale household market, 1500V 230kW inverter for large-scale industrial and commercial industry and ground power station, as well as high-low voltage battery and three-phase energy storage inverter for domestic emerging energy storage market. SOFARSOLAR is trying to meet the growing market demand of customers through continuously empowering PV storage products, and provide customers with powerful marketing sales tools to improve market competitiveness with the cooperation concept of openness, integration and cocreation.

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2021, as the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, has a macro layout of “Carbon Neutralization and Carbon Peak”, and is escorted by market potential, so it is believed that the PV storage market will usher in a new round of development trend in 2021. SOFARSOLAR will seize the opportunity of market development, expand and strengthen the domestic distributed PV storage market, accelerate the pace of energy integration and intelligent interconnection, promote the application and popularization of global clean energy, and build a green and beautiful home.

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