Sunseap To Install Green Energy Systems For StorHub Self Storage Facilities In Singapore


Sunseap Group said it has installed green energy systems at several StorHub self storage facilities across Singapore as part of StorHub’s decarbonisation efforts.


The green energy systems comprise of smart air-conditioning systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging points, green roof and solar energy systems, and are split across nine of StorHub’s thirteen facilities. These solutions will help StorHub to join the fight in acting more sustainably and energy efficient.


StorHub and Sunseap Solutions’s partnership, a subsidiary of Sunseap, toward this goal is in line with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, an initiative by the Singapore government to advance the republic’s national agenda on sustainable development. Sunseap Solutions provides various energy efficiency initiatives and demand response offerings which help reduce overall energy consumption in buildings.


Among the solutions adopted by StorHub is the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system, which uses smart technology to detect and optimise the energy consumption of a building’s facilities while maintaining ideal temperatures. This also allows for the planning of energy usage to prevent system overuse, ensuring greater safety for customers and premises.

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EV charging points will also be installed in two StorHub carparks to facilitate the use of EVs, which have lower carbon emissions as compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The installation of Sunseap’s green roofing solutions will reduce up to 90% of heat transmission from StorHub’s facilities, further contributing to Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.

The solar energy systems installed across nine of StorHub’s facilities will also provide StorHub with the ability to generate renewable energy. StorHub has a goal of generating 1.8 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually, and reducing its carbon emissions by a total of 770,388 kg, which is equivalent to planting approximately 19,754 trees or taking approximately 163 cars off the road.

Mr Frank Phuan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunseap, said: “Sunseap is proud to be supporting StorHub in its efforts to achieve greater energy efficiency and its active work towards decarbonisation.”

Mr Luigi La Tona, Chief Executive Officer of StorHub Self Storage (Singapore), said: “StorHub is pleased to be working closely with Sunseap on various green technologies and solutions, by integrating cleaner energy into our business operations, and achieving our goal in reducing carbon emissions and a low-carbon footprint toward a greener and more sustainable Singapore.

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