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Ecoppia Crosses 3000 MW Solar PV Projects Portfolio

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Ecoppia, the world’s leader in robotic cleaning solutions for photovoltaic solar, announces yet another major achievement, presenting an unmatched project portfolio of 3000 MW, cleaning over 4.8 billion panels to date.

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This significant milestone aligns with Ecoppia’s global expansion activities into new geographies, answering the burning need for truly autonomous robotic solutions in dry regions. With tariffs constantly falling every year while solar sites’ capacity continues to increase Ecoppia’s portfolio of robotic solutions provides site owners an optimal way to drastically lower O&M expenses, while ensuring continuous peak production.

According to the UN, 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries, meanwhile, the fact remains that the vast majority of large-scale solar sites are geographically located in arid areas, suffering from excessive soiling, dust storms, and a lack of water resources. Ecoppia’s water-free solutions ensure peak solar energy production does not imply spending of precious water resources.

In fact, since its inception, Ecoppia had directly saved over 6 billion liters of water, in the most arid regions on the globe, and is projected to save over 100 billion liters of water by 2030.

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“We are proud to have reached this important milestone while continuing to exceed customer expectations even during this world pandemic. This great landmark recognizes Ecoppia’s contribution to the expansion of the solar industry to even the most remote and challenging locations” said Jean Scemama, CEO of Ecoppia. “Ecoppia continues to proceed full steam ahead to 2022, launching a new robotic platform and remaining at the forefront of the solar automation”.

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