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Around Half of Turkey’s Coal Mines are Apt for Converting into Solar Power Farms, Says Report


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According to a new report, around half of Turkey’s coal mines are appropriate for converting into solar power farms. Open cast mines, improvement in solar systems, and efficiencies of solar energy make this possible.


If solar farms function properly, it will add around 170% to the current solar energy capacity of the country and in addition, it will generate electricity to power around 6.9 million homes. Solar power with a total installed capacity of 13,189 MW can be built in areas that are suitable for a transition from coal sites to solar power.

As per the report, Solar power production, installation, and investments should be supported while prioritising the needs of local people and ecosystems, in order to take advantage of the opportunities created by solar energy technologies in suitable coal sites.

Coal mines can play an important role in decarbonizing energy technologies and tackling climate change issues. If 50% of coal mines in Turkey are used for solar energy, it will decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 12.4 million tonnes per year which is equal to 50 million travelers taking a flight from Istanbul to Rome.

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Bahadır Turhan, Chairman of the Board at Solar3GW, said, “This study confirms that countries with large open-cast coal mines should be viewing them as renewable energy transition assets. They have a cost advantage over virgin plots as they come equipped with much of the necessary infrastructure to host solar installations. When you kit them out with advanced battery storage systems, they’re able to consistently deliver a base load of cheap, clean, fossil-free energy.”

Nearly a quarter of greenhouse gases emissions comes from coal in Turkey. Out of the 1°C increase in the global temperature, coal alone has contributed 0.3°C, says the report. The solar panel installations will also attract investors and industries to invest in renewable energy and transition from fossil fuel-based energy.

Bahadir Turhan says, “When you kit them out with advanced battery storage systems, they’re able to consistently deliver a base load of cheap, clean, fossil-free energy.”

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