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OneraSystems Plans To Implement 25 Solar Projects


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OneraSystems is planning to implement around 25 solar power plant projects of up to 10 megawatts as per the President and CEO of the company, Wael El-Nashar.

OneraSystems is in talks with various public and private companies for the same. The company will sign agreements in the third quarter of 2022 and it has finalized a few projects too.

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Resources of the country is encouraging to have more solar power projects and these projects will assist in achieving the targets set by the ministry.

Recently, OneraSystems completed a 100 kilowatt of solar power plant for a market in Amreya. OneraSystems has been created by MEET Egypt to be its successor in practice in the renewable energy business.

OneraSystems is mainly focusing on providing clean, efficient, and reliable energy to be a burgeoning business to the population of the Middle East by providing integrated solutions, as well as integrating solar energy sources with, Fuel Cells & Wind Turbines.

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