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Uttar Pradesh To Have Solar-powered Refrigerators To Safeguard Covid Vaccines


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Samarjit Singh, a third-year B.Tech student at Kanpur’s Axis College has designed a refrigerator that can run on solar energy and can house Covid-19 vaccines as well as other life-saving drugs, eliminating the possibility of it being tampered with. Uttar Pradesh is still experiencing power outages and electricity shortages. Rural health centers in Uttar Pradesh will benefit from the solar-powered refrigerator designed by Samarjit Singh.

Samarjit believes that solar energy plays a critical role in protecting our natural environment. Now, it could be harnessed for life-saving medicine. He built the refrigerator, but it didn’t have a compressor. The thermoelectric was used in place of a compressor by the student engineer.

The solar system is housed on a board that precisely contains a solar plate as well as a battery knit. Samarjit explained that the refrigerator is powered by electricity and that a temperature difference inside the fridge causes the temperature to fall.

The refrigerator can run for approximately 12 hours on a four hour charge via the solar panels. This is its efficiency. The refrigerator has an extra battery that can be used to power it even when the sun isn’t shining. Samarjit said that the refrigerator has a chip that monitors the temperature. It is extremely portable, with a capacity of 5 litres. It’s lightweight and eco-friendly, and it costs between Rs 3,000 to 3,500.

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He also said that he had made a prototype for the refrigerator. Samarjit believes his solar-powered refrigerator can be used in the military service. According to Samarjit, poor connectivity is a major problem in border areas. A solar-powered refrigerator can be used to provide cold water, safe food and injections to army personnel.

Ashish Malik (Director, Axis College Kanpur) stated that the solar-powered refrigerator is both much more affordable and a revolutionary device that promotes the use of solar energy.

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