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Sunlit Sea’s Design Basis for Floating Solar PV to RP-0584 Gets Verified from DNV

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Sunlit Sea, a Norwegian start up that designs and manufactures prefabricated floating solar PV systems (FPV), selected DNV to certify the Design Basis for a floating concept consisting of two welded aluminum sheets, which are topped by a laminated panel.


Verification covers design methodology, including system description, design philosophy, environmental criteria and method for assessing global loading. It is based upon a detailed review of the Design Basis in order to determine compliance with DNV RP-0584 Design development and operation of floating photovoltaics systems requirements and recommendations.

The FPV industry already uses the Recommended Practice, which was first published last year as its strongest reference document. DNV is constantly strengthening its commitment to FPV. DNV plans to update service documents and lead two industry-wide projects to create an Anchoring and Mooring Design Standard and a Floats Design, Testing, and Qualification Standard.

Despite being relatively new, the FPV market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years due to the availability of space for solar installations. (Using water surfaces nullifies the land-use competition against other sectors such as agriculture, settlements, and so on. The many combinations of FPV with other productive uses water bodies such as irrigation, water treatment, storage, and hydropower generation are just some of the benefits. Its cumulative global installed capacity was estimated to be over GWp as of April 2022. The majority of this is in Asia, with Europe being the emerging markets. DNV projects that around 20-25 GW of FPV will be installed worldwide by 2030 (link to The Future of Floating Solar’).

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Prajeev Raish, DNV’s Executive Vice President for Northern Europe for Energy Systems, comments: “Floating solar is experiencing rapid growth. It is crucial that innovative solutions such as Sunlit Sea follow a proven, internationally recognized quality-based approach, which takes into consideration all aspects of floating sun: safety, design impact, environment and safety. This exemplary example from Sunlit Sea shows how this DNV-recommended practice can be used to verify and assure their reliability at the early stages of their development.”

Sunlit Sea successfully completed the project with a Statement of Conformity. This statement emphasizes that the Design Basis is intended to provide a general methodology without being site-specific. Project-specific documentation must be created separately. This statement is a competitive tool that increases trust in relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

“Sunlit Sea’s design methodology was verified after a detailed review by DNV’s top experts in hydrodynamics, and structural design. Sunlit Sea has established a robust, well-documented design method and concluded that it meets the requirements of DNV-RP0584.” Tore Hordvik, DNV project manager, explains that a Statement is issued.

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Sunlit Sea’s CTO Bjorn Hervold Riise says that “At Sunlit Sea, we focus on R&D in order to design the best-suited solution, partly due to our strong collaboration avec the University of Oslo and Stadt Towing Tank as well as the Institute for Energy Technology. We do significant work to ensure structural integrity and establish design loads. DNV was asked to validate our Design Basis. DNV, with its extensive knowledge and experience in marine structures and highly skilled teams, was the obvious choice to perform an independent third-party assessment of our Design Basis methodology. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with DNV.

Sunlit Sea’s CEO adds that “DNV is an amazing partner in our verification work and we are proud of saying that our design base is conformant with DNV-RP0584.”

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