210 PERC Cell Efficiency Achieves 24.5%, Trina Solar Breaks World Record for The 24th Time


Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology, (SKL PVST), announced on July 5 that its industrial-sized 210x210mm high efficiency PERC solar cells, have achieved an efficiency of 24.5%. This was independently verified by China’s National Institute of Metrology. This new record is set for the mass production of 210 monocrystalline silicon PERC cells. Trina Solar has set a new world record for 210 p-type monocrystalline silicon PERC cells in mass production 24 times. This is a testament to the company’s technology leadership.


Trina Solar has developed advanced technologies such as multi-layer antireflection film and ultra-fine metallization fingers to achieve the best efficiency of 24.5% for large-area 210mm high efficiency PERC cells in mass-production.


“We are proud of the latest achievements by our technical staff,” stated Dr. Yifeng Chen (head of high efficiency module and cell R&D center in Trina Solar). “PERC is a mature industrial technology at a lower price. Trina Solar R&D team has demonstrated its innovative and energetic capabilities in mature technology in mass-production. This is our latest achievement. We are committed to continuous R&D investments in mass production technology, and creating greater value for our customers.”

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Trina Solar is committed to transferring new technologies to manufacturing. This allows efficiency gained in the laboratory to be quickly industrialized and consolidates technology leadership in high-efficiency cells mass production.

The industrialization of 600W+ is becoming a more common option as the industry develops. The industry has a solid foundation to move into the new era with 600W+ ultra-high efficiency. The industrialization of the latest efficiency of 210 will take place at a rapid pace thanks to the efforts of all the value chain partners. This will allow PV industry to lower costs by lowering their cost.

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