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Trina Solar Launching New Solar Module for Singapore’s Growing Commercial & Industrial Roof-Top Solar Market

Todd Li, Asia Pacific president of Trina Solar

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Trina Solar, the leading global PV and smart energy total  solution provider, is exhibiting at The Asia Clean Energy Summit (26-28 October) in  Singapore. 


Trina Solar is a leading exhibitor at the show where it will launch its new Vertex DE19R module for the Singapore market. At its booth (B07) it will have on display the Vertex  S+, a n-type solar module that has maximum efficiency of 21.9% and maximum power  output of 425W. This module is popular for residential applications.  

Meanwhile, Trina Solar’s Vertex DE19R module – which is launching in Singapore at  the show – is designed for the commercial and industrial (C&I) companies wanting  rooftop solar installations. The new module has maximum power output up to 580W  and maximum efficiency of 21.5%. It uses 210mm cells and is different to the earlier  generation DE19 module, because it incorporates rectangle rather than square-shaped  solar cells. 

Vertex N stands for Trina Solar’s n-type series of modules. NEG19RC.20, a bifacial  double-glass module based on 210 rectangular silicon wafer technology and n-type  TOPCon, will also be showcased at the booth. This module’s maximum power output  is 590W, and the efficiency is 21.8%. 

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The high-performance module maximizes limited rooftop space available through the  module’s high power and efficiency, delivering a lower balance of system (BOS) cost  and a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) while providing high reliability. 

Singapore’s grid connected solar energy capacity from private commercial and industrial (C&I) companies grew 70% last year to 386.8MWp from 227.4MWp,  according to data from Singapore’s Energy Market Authority. 

Todd Li, Asia Pacific president of Trina Solar, says: “The C&I segment is the largest and  fastest growing segment of Singapore’s solar market”. The other two segments are  residential and utility-scale. 

“Singapore C&I companies have been installing rooftop solar to mitigate rising  electricity prices, carbon tax rates and as part of community social responsibility (CSR)  initiatives to help the environment,” he says. 

Trina Solar has been working with customers, distributors and Singapore electricity  providers to help Singapore businesses install solar on their rooftops. Solar is attractive  for C&I companies, because it makes the most of unused roof space. Businesses can  either use the electricity generated from their rooftop installation or get money from  feeding the electricity into the grid. 

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Visitors to Trina Solar’s stand can also see TrinaTracker solutions and products such as  the Vanguard 1P. TrinaTracker is a business unit of Trina Solar.  

The Vanguard 1P is a one-in-portrait tracker designed to be fully compatible with ultra high-power modules ranging from 400W to 670W and is typically installed in utility  projects. Engineered for adaptability, the next-generation intelligent tracker can be  deployed across a wide range of different terrains while offering high stability and  ensuring high energy yield. 

Trina Solar has been operating in Singapore since 2011 and is one of the most  established brands in the global solar industry. Singapore is Trina Solar’s regional  headquarters for Asia Pacific, excluding China. The company has nearly 60 local  employees and is a member of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS). 

Visit Trina Solar at its booth (B07) at The Asia Clean Energy Summit (26-28 October) at  the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore. 

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