Arctech Ramping Up Expansion in Colombia by Announcing Completion of Two Projects Delivery

Planeta Rica Project in Colombia

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Arctech, the world’s leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider announced completed the shipment of the 2P tracker SkySmart II for the Planeta Rica Project in Colombia. 


The project is a joint venture with Akuo Energy, a leading French developer and operator of renewable energy projects. MPC Energy Solutions (MPCES) and Akuo Energy have commenced construction of Parque Solar Planeta Rica.

The Planeta Rica plant will have an installed capacity of 26.55 MWp when entering full operation, while delivering enough electricity to satisfy the energy needs of over 10,000 households in Colombia. When the plant is commissioned, it will avoid the emission of over 4,000 tons of CO2 each year and provide a sustainable source of clean electricity.

Planeta Rica Project in Colombia

The project is equipped with SkySmart II tracker, the first IEC-certified multi-point parallel drive tracking system; Adopting the self-developed multi-point parallel drive technology, Arctech SkySmart II provides a 200% increase in wind resistance than other 2P tracking systems and a 52% reduction in foundations than 1P tracking systems. With help of artificial intelligence, tracking control strategy, cloud strategy based on real-time meteorological data, bifacial power generation strategy and closed-loop feedback strategy that shares parameters with DC combiner and string inverter, SkySmart II can adapt to various terrains, weather and land conditions and enable up to 7% of additional energy generation.

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The company just announced it has finished delivery of another 12.36 MW SkySmart II in Girasoles Colombia. 

Arctech has a portfolio of close to 2.5 GW across the Latam region. The company has been supporting clients in the Latam region from five local offices in Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The team of 40 people with rich experience has been providing engineering, manufacturing and after-sales support for Arctech’s local operation in the Latam region, with the intent to source materials for its tracking systems from within the region in response to the favorable policies.

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