Sunpure Unveils “Venus” the Cutting-Edge Railed PV Cleaning Robot, Making its Debut at SNEC


Sunpure was proud to launch their 3rd generation PV railed cleaning robot “Venus” at SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China.


To match the ever-changing PV cleaning requirements to address severe dust loss, Sunpure’s new robot “Venus” is designed in a lighter, smarter, and more economical way.

Lighter: The robot upgrades its hardware with a more dynamic and exquisite appearance. By replacing the metal-cased body with an optimized triangular force path structure, the weight has been reduced 30%, the robot is lighter and more friendly to the panels. And the twistable body is also suitable to overcome difficult terrains especially for plants equipped with trackers.


Smarter: The robot hits a new level of intelligence since it is able to analyze and make decisions by itself. Through the equipped intelligent control system, the robot can adjust its operation strategies such as active attitude adjustment, positioning through multi-mode, and instant recognition of road conditions. Manual intervention is reduced to a minimum and O&M is easier.

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Economical: “Venus” is more flexible in customization due to the modular design. On one hand, wider version of robots improves the ability of gap-crossing, thereby significantly reducing the requirements of engineering materials such as bridges between panels; on the other hand, installation and maintenance are also faster and cheaper, bringing a new cleaning experience for PV power plants.

“By increasing R&D investment to adapt to the various industry requirements & trends, Sunpure has developed a full range of intelligent PV cleaning robot products which are operational in all terrains. This robot is our milestone in technology and our sincerity to the market and will empower PV plants to achieve higher output,” cited Ms. Zoe Hu, Chairman & CEO of Sunpure.

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