Israel’s Xfloat Secures $1 Million Grant For Pilot Installation Of Floating Solar Tracker System In The US

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Xfloat, an Israel-based company has successfully secured a grant of $1 million through the BIRD Foundation to establish its first pilot installation of a floating solar tracker system in the United States.


The grant will facilitate the collaboration between Xfloat and RETTEW Associates, a US-based engineering and environmental consultancy. Xfloat’s floating solar mounting and tracking systems are claimed to generate a yield up to 28% more efficient than comparable systems, while also reducing lifetime costs through various design and logistical improvements.


The pilot installation in the US is seen as a crucial step for Xfloat to introduce its technology and demonstrate its performance, reliability, and economic efficiency in the renewable energy sector.


The BIRD Foundation, which stands for Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development, aims to promote and support joint industrial R&D projects between the US and Israel.

The BIRD Energy program, funded by the US Department of Energy, Israel’s Ministry of Energy, and the Israel Innovation Authority, specifically focuses on fostering collaborative innovations in renewable energy and energy efficiency with significant commercial potential, contributing to economic competitiveness, job creation, and energy security.

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