Oman Explores Cooperation With Italy And Switzerland In Renewable Energy And Green Hydrogen Sectors

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H.E. Mohsin bin Hamad Al-Hadrami, Under-secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, led an official delegation to Italy and Switzerland to foster collaboration, consolidate bilateral ties, promote investment, and exchange knowledge in the fields of renewable energy, hydrogen, and energy storage systems. The visit included productive meetings with leading Italian companies, focusing on joint investment opportunities and sustainable technologies in the energy sector. This visit signifies a crucial step towards sustainable cooperation, economic ties, and strategic partnerships to enhance Oman’s capabilities in the energy field.


During the visit, the delegation engaged with renowned Italian companies that possess extensive experience and expertise in renewable technologies, green hydrogen, and energy storage systems. This aligns with Oman’s aspirations to enhance technology, innovation, and sustainable development in its energy sector, in line with the country’s plans and programs.

Coinciding with the visit is the launch of the second phase of public auctions for Green Hydrogen Areas, offering three investment opportunities in Dhofar Governorate. The projects from this phase are expected to be awarded by the end of the first quarter of 2024. The delegation’s previous visit to Eastern Asia had a significant positive impact, expressing the interest in investment in this sector, along with the participation of companies and representatives of governments in launching the second phase of auctions for Green Hydrogen Concession Areas.

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Continuing their visit, the delegation led by H.E. Mohsin bin Hamad Al-Hadrami participated in the Business Forum of the Omani-Swiss Friendship Association in Switzerland. The forum aimed to highlight best practices and discuss future expectations in key sectors such as renewable energy, green hydrogen, storage systems, and carbon neutrality. It commenced with speeches from the Head of the Omani delegation, emphasizing Oman’s vision of transitioning to a green economy, and the head of International energy affairs of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, highlighting Swiss policies for increasing sustainability and enhancing renewable energy.

The forum provided a platform to discuss investment opportunities, experiences, and capabilities possessed by Oman in the hydrogen and renewable energy fields. Specialists, investors, and stakeholders engaged in fruitful discussions, emphasizing the importance of knowledge exchange and collaboration in implementing renewable energy and hydrogen infrastructure projects. Practical examples of cooperation between Oman and Switzerland in green hydrogen, negative emission technology, and knowledge exchange were presented.

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A mini-discussion session titled “Oman and Switzerland: Best Practices of Technology Transfer, Investment, and Cooperation” brought together experts and specialists to review the best practices in technology transfer, investment, and the promotion of cooperation between the two countries.

In his closing speech, H.E. Mohsin bin Hamad Al-Hadrami highlighted the key issues discussed during the forum and underscored the importance of cooperation and knowledge exchange between Oman and Switzerland in the energy sector. He commended the investment opportunities offered by Oman to Swiss companies.

The Omani Business Forum in Switzerland reflects a clear commitment to enhancing economic and investment cooperation between the two countries in the renewable energy and green hydrogen sectors. The forum provides an opportunity for exchanging experiences and establishing strategic partnerships between companies and institutions, contributing to sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

This concerted focus on the sustainable sector aligns with Oman’s ambitious plans to become one of the world’s leading hydrogen exporters by 2030. The country’s natural and geographical advantages position it to lead and benefit from the most sustainable sector. Achieving these goals supports Oman Vision 2040, contributes to diversifying the national economy, and reduces carbon emissions in line with the commitment to reach zero carbon neutrality by 2050.

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