Yemen’s Al-Razi Hospital Installs Solar Energy System

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The installation of a solar energy system for Al-Razi General Hospital Authority in Yemen’s Abyan governorate has been successfully completed by the executing company.


This project holds significant importance as it addresses the ongoing power outage crisis in Yemen and the crucial need for uninterrupted electricity in hospitals.

The project was officially handed over to Dr Hussein Abdel-Bari, the director of Al-Razi General Hospital Authority in Abyan. During the handover, he expressed gratitude to Major General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem, Governor of Abyan Governorate, and other officials in the province and neighboring areas.


The solar energy system comprises 230 solar panels connected to two electric generators. With this setup, the hospital will have access to electrical energy around the clock.

The system will operate for 12 hours using solar energy and the remaining 12 hours using generators. This development will significantly improve the hospital’s access to reliable electricity and ensure seamless operations during power disruptions.

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