Reliable Quality in STATCOM Technology, TBEA is in the Leading Position in the World


    TBEA SVG & STATCOM products are suitable for various scenarios, such as distributed PV, decentralized wind power, subway/industry, centralized PV, wind farm electrified railways, collection stations, offshore wind power booster stations, and metallurgy. Among them, TSVG (1 Mar-120 Mar) products are mainly used to solve the power grid fluctuations caused by output power fluctuations and discontinuities on the power generation side, and help new power stations to better connect to the power grid system; Impulse and unbalanced load operation and other problems, improving power quality.


    In photovoltaic systems, TSVG can suppress the large-capacity photovoltaic grid-connected systems, which generate a large number of current and voltage harmonics when connected to low-power, weak grids. in wind power systems, TSVG can maintain the safe and stable operation of wind power grid-connected systems, Prevent voltage fluctuations caused by changes in fan output, and improve the stability of the power system. In the industrial market, it can meet reactive power compensation and effectively control harmonics. At the same time, regardless of wind power or photovoltaic systems, TSVG can reduce reactive power flow, reduce line current, and reduce losses. TSVG can also provide reactive power to the grid system to support the grid voltage.

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    The main advantages of our TSVG are:

    • Control system: integrated control of voltage and reactive power, integrated control of voltage and power factor;
    • High reliability: online intelligent redundancy technology, IGBT temperature monitoring, Optocoupler isolation drive technology, and strong environmental adaptability;
    • Low loss: frequency conversion modulation technology, dynamic adjustment of heat dissipation power;
    • Quick response: DSP+FPGA control framework, 200M basic frequency;
    • The lead time of standard products is about 45 days;
    • As of 2022, the cumulative shipments will be 17.2 Gvar.

    STATCOM products mainly solve problems such as power grid fluctuations and abnormalities in power transmission and transformation collection stations, as well as UHV DC converter stations. Our company STATCOM converter valve and grid side flexible DC converter valve are developed on a common technological platform. At present our grid side “±800kV/3000MW” flexible DC converter valve has been in operation for more than two years, there have been no black module or system tripping problems, and the failure rate is less than 0.5%. The main advantage of the STATCOM application are fast dynamic response of reactive power output, which can suppress voltage fluctuations more efficiently. at the same time, it has harmonic suppression capability, filters out specific sub-harmonics, and improves the safety and stability of power grid operation. In the field of power quality, because of the “Reliable Quality” of 3.3kV-35kV/1-100Mvar full-range HV TSVG products, the online operation rate of the parallel system is greater than 99% under severe conditions. Now, the global capacity of TSVG products in total exceeds 17Gvar, and TBEA are in the leading position in the world.

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