Aegeus Technologies Plans To Launch Waterless Robotic Panel Cleaning Technology In The Middle East


After all the R&D and successful tests of Waterless Robotic Panel Cleaning Technology on commissioned projects in India, Aegeus Technologies that holds technology Patents in India, plans to launch its Robots for Ground Mount and Rooftop projects in the Middle East at the World Future Energy Summit 2020 in Abu Dhabi.


Suraj Vernekar, CEO of Aegeus Technologies said, “We are privileged to be one of the shortlisted Companies by Indian Chamber of Commerce to showcase and present this technology of Waterless Robotic Panel Cleaning under Indian Pavilion at WFES 2020 at Abu Dhabi. Looking at the expected $15 billion of solar power projects to enter operation in the region in the next five years, we consider it to be our responsibility to support the investors, asset owners, developers with our Energy Efficiency Solutions.”

According to the ASU Renewable Energy Center, unwanted pollutants that obstruct sun rays from hitting the solar panel can impact electricity generation significantly. In fact, pollutants like dust can reduce solar panel efficiency by approximately 50 per cent.Solar panel cleaning is the process of removing accumulated particles including atmospheric dust, bird droppings, ashes from wildfires and other debris from the panel surface. The process is adopted to improve the power conversion capability of these modules as these agents act as an obstruction to the sunlight falling on the panels. These methods are utilized across almost all the applications owing to their effectiveness in enhancing panel efficiency and therefore providing high power output.


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