Don’t Let Your Inverter Become An Orphan,It Needs To Be Looked After Well


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Sofarsolar technical Engineers often encounter such problems. Many users installed photovoltaic power stations, and they can take good care of solar panels like a baby.Unfortunately, inverters become an orphan were ignored when inverters sounds and lights alarm attract their attention but they keep a “set and forget” sort of deal.


Don’t let your inverter become an orphan. Sofarsolar technical Engineers advise that here are four best things you can do to look after your solar inverter.


First,Look out for warning lights

Each Sofarsolar inverter has three alarm lights represent that GFCI warning, inverter states light, and alarm. Sofarsolar’s inverters now can sort out minor problems and glitches themselves, but more serious problems, or minor problems that often lead to more serious hassle, will elicit a cry for help. As soon as you see any lights, read your manual to see if you can fix it or whether you have to call a Sofarsolar techie in.

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Second, Listen out for noises

In order to attract many users’ attention, Sofarsolar has added sound alarm function on each inverter.If you’re hearing any sound alarm, any funny noises (especially if there’s a warning light too),then you need to take further steps – either work through the manual or call someone in. Sometimes, your inverter will work away quietly 99.99% of the time.

Third,Watch inverter performance

Watching your inverter’s performance is the best way to make sure it’s healthy. Sofarsolar inverter’s has 4’LCD that displays the updates of energy, power, input information, warning information etc so that you can see how much energy your system is producing. Knowing what to expect on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis means you’re able to see shortfalls rapidly and take action.

Fourth,Check the data

Sofarsolar technical Engineers advised that you should also compare your output with the data supplied to you by your installer or manufacturer. If you’re finding you’re always much lower than your estimated energy production then there may be a physical reason, like shady trees or an obstructive building.

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It’s not always about looking for problems with the inverter itself, there are often
external reasons for less-than-optimal outputs and these can sometimes be
eliminated or improved upon.

As a user don’t let your inverter become an orphan,it needs to be looked after well,when you do four best things to look after your inverter, I think photovoltaic power station will bring you an endless surprise.

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