Growatt to present new range of residential, commercial and industrial solutions to boost photovoltaic industry in Latin America

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The photovoltaic industry market in Mexico and Latin America has seen a reduction in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic; the distributed generation market has not stopped entirely despite showing a reduction and the number of installations is expected to grow in June. To seize the opportunity of installation rebound, Growatt looks to increase its presence in these markets by presenting a new range of residential, commercial and industrial solutions.


New solutions for Latin America

For residential inverters, Growatt presents 2 new lines, the MIC series that ranges from 750W to 3kW and the MIN series from 2.5kW to 6kW. Both focuses on having a great influence since the residential market is expected to be the first to recover. For commercial projects Growatt has designed the 15-36kW MAC XL series specifically for markets such as Mexico and Colombia, which use voltages of 220V and 208V in commercial installations. For larger projects, the company has designed the MAC LV / MV series with a power between 50kW and 70kW for installations at three-phase 480V. For markets such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile they launch the MAX series with 60-80kW power for C&I projects.

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Furthermore, Growatt completes its range of solutions with off-grid and hybrid inverters; in such a way, it seeks to promote distributed generation with a wide range of solutions in which more users may be interested.

Facing the challenges of social distancing

Growatt also presents various monitoring solutions that allow flexibility for any project.

Given the situation of social distancing required by governments, Growatt intends to promote the sales of its monitoring solutions, since, thanks to its advanced monitoring platform, it is possible to remotely have control of the parameters of the inverters and precise monitoring of the system. This will help maintain social distancing measures, since the need for site visits to solve possible problems is reduced by up to 60%.

Confidence in the Latin American market

Although the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the solar industry, Growatt maintains its confidence in the Latin American market and is determined to promote the development of solar energy and contribute to the transition to clean energy in this region.

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