ML System will Deliver Quantum Coating Modules to a Norwegian Partner


The project in Norway’s Dalsnibba will be one of the first to use the innovative quantum coating modules from ML System. The glass panes with the quantum coating have been previously installed in the office part of ML System’s new factory.


Quantum dots are tiny semiconductor particles, a few to a few tens of nanometers in size (1 nanometer = 0.000 000 001 m), capable of absorbing and emitting electromagnetic radiation (light). Thanks to them, the window becomes a private power plant, remaining completely safe in use and translucent, additionally ensuring thermal insulation.

The building in Sweden’s Uppsala is executed in the “LEED Platinum” energy standard, and the ventilated facade will be equipped with “full black” “glass-glass” modules, manufactured by ML System.


– We see an increased interest for BIPV in Sweden. In a short period of time we have now started two exiting projects together with ML System. The last project is for Sweden’s largest property company Vasakronan, says Johan Öhnell, chairman of the board at Solkompaniet.

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In May, the facade project in Stavanger was completed. Thanks to using high-resolution ceramic printing, it was possible to retain the original appearance of the facade from before the renovation and, at the same time, minimize the loss of capacity of the photovoltaic cells. The BIPV installation in this project was delivered by a Norwegian contractor company from the BIPV industry – Solenergi FUSen AS.

ML System S.A. is a highly specialized technological company offering innovative building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions. ML System’s products are an attractive alternative to traditional building materials. The company is the Polish market leader in its industry. Moreover, according to the report penned by Global Building Integrated Photovoltaic Skylights Market 2017-2021, it is one of the top five key BIPV producers across the world. The total area of the company’s production plant and research and development center is 14.4 thousand square meters. At the end of 2019 ML System had 183 employees.

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