Sunny Tripower CORE2: Flexible design for commercial rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems


Plan and implement commercial solar projects more easily and cost-efficiently. The new SMA string inverter Sunny Tripower CORE2 with 110 kW output offers installers maximum flexibility in the implementation of commercial rooftop and free-field systems. In solar systems with the Sunny Tripower CORE2, different module orientations can also be taken into account, so that system operators always achieve the highest energy yields during the course of the day. In addition, they benefit from future-proof options for storage integration and the direct selling of solar power.


“The Sunny Tripower CORE2 rounds off our portfolio in the field of commercial PV inverters,” said Mathias Strippel, Platform Product Manager for Power Conversion at SMA. “The state-of-the-art 110 kW string inverter is perfect for the increasing demands on current and future commercial PV systems and gives installers maximum flexibility in the construction of on-roof and ground-mounted systems, as the 12 MPP trackers also allow for different module orientations and shading. Plant operators always achieve the highest yields during the course of the day and thus increase their use of solar power.”

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The Sunny Tripower CORE2 has 12 MPP trackers and 24 strings, ensuring maximum flexibility when it comes to system design and installation. It enables up to 150% overdimensioning of the PV array and is suitable for solar projects with up to 1,100 V DC. The integrated SMA ShadeFix software solution minimizes the impact of shading, while the integrated SMA Smart Connected service ensures automatic notification in the event of a fault and so reduces service and maintenance costs. The Sunny Tripower CORE2 is also suitable for bifacial PV modules. 


The Sunny Tripower CORE2 can be ordered now and will be shipped in Q 3, 2020.

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