Uttar Pradesh Floats 31.73 Cr Tender for Installation of 211 Units of Solar Panels


Uttar Pradesh recently floated a tender for supply and Installation of Solar power based Arsenic/Fluoride Removal Unit including Solar panels of desired capacity, Raw/Treated water storage and associated civil works etc complete for different districts of Uttar Pradesh.


The total tender Value is Rs 31,73,26,000.


Last date & time of Submission of bid is Upto 11.08.2020 till 17:00 Hrs. Opening  date of the Technical Bid is 13.08.2020 at 14:00.


To participate, firm should  have successfully completed, tested and commissioned Solar Power based water supply/community water supply projects of  One work of value equal to 60% of the cost of work put to bid or Two work each of value equal to 40% of the cost of work or three work of each value equal to 30% of the cost of work put to bid.

Bidders should have an average annual financial turnover of at least 30%  cost of work put to tender  during immediate last three consecutive financial years.

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To know about the tender refer to document below:

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