BERC Releases Draft Tariff Regulations for Renewable Energy Projects


The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) has recently released draft tariff regulations for RE projects. These regulations will be valid for the control period of the financial year FY 2020-21 to FY 2022-23. 


The Commission has invited suggestions and comments from all stakeholders on the draft regulation by 25 September 2020.


The Commission proposes to hear this matter on 06.10.2020 at 11.OO AM.


These  regulations  will be applied to Biomass  power  based  on  Rankine  cycle,  non-fossil  fuel  based  cogeneration  projects,  Solar  PV  ,  Solar  Thermal  power projects, Biomass gasifier, Biogas power project, Municipal solid waste and Refuse  derived  fuel  based  power  projects.

For determination of generic tariff and project specific tariff,the debt equity ratio of 70:30 is being considered by the commission.

The Commission has also considered the normative Return on Equity of 14%.The depreciation rate of 4.67% per year will be adopted for the first 15 years, and the remaining depreciation would be spread during the remaining useful life of the project.

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To know more about the regulation refer to the document below:

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