Rebates Offered For Rooftop Solar and Batteries By Victorian Government

black solar panels on brown roof
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The Victorian Government’s Budget announcement offering additional rebates for rooftop solar and batteries is another fantastic step toward a Clean Recovery, doubling down on Victoria’s support for rooftop solar and creating the biggest household battery program in the country that will reduce power bills and create much-needed jobs across Victoria.


An extra 42,000 rebates for rooftop solar will be on offer over the next two years, 15,000 new rebates will be available to small businesses and 17,500 battery rebates will be brought forward over the next three years.


The scaling up of the home battery program means that many more Victorian households have access to cheap, reliable and clean renewable energy, lowering household bills that have been stretched due to the economic conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The move also mitigates some of the challenges experienced by the existing home battery program, with demand outstripping the limited number of rebates previously available.

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“The Andrews Government has used its solar rebate program to improve standards for safety, quality and new technology,” said Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton. “We expect the battery rebate will also help deliver in these areas as well as strengthening and stabilising the grid.


“Importantly, today’s announcement allows energy users and the rooftop solar industry to reap the benefits immediately, unlike long-term projects. Rooftop solar and battery installation will be a welcome relief for stretched household budgets and the state’s Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and Approved Solar Retailers. This sort of activity
is critical in moving Victoria towards a Clean Recovery.”

The Clean Energy Council looks forward to working with the Victorian Government on the detailed design and implementation of these initiatives to ensure the industry and customers can have continued confidence in rooftop solar and batteries.

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