CERC Invites Proposal From Consultants For Detailed Study Of Solar PV Projects


The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has decided to engage a consulting agency to conduct a detailed study on Solar thermal and Solar PV projects.  


Objective of the Study is to  analyze the useful life and capacity utilization factor (CUF) of Solar Thermal and Solar PV technologies.


The last day for  submission of the proposal and seeking any clarification is15 December, 2020 upto 17.00 hrs.


Scope of work includes Study, analyse and suggest the useful life for solar thermal power projects based on international and national experience for life cycle analysis. The study must cover the type of technologies such as ‘Parabolic trough’, ‘Power Tower’, Linear Fresnel or any other technology adopted by solar thermal developers in India and globally.


Prospective consultants must also provide analysis  variation in CUF of solar thermal and solar PV projects (with and without storage) across different regions in India.

To know more refer to the document below:

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