As An Energy Solution Provider With Nuclear Product Qualification, Kehua Has An Excellent Quality System And Is Highly Recognized – Sunny Xu, CEO, Kehua Tech India


As the fastest growing inverter manufacturer, How do you increase brand recognition within the industry and outside of China?


In fact, Kehua is one of the inverter manufacturers who have the longest history in the market. Since its establishment in 1988, Kehua has over 32 years` dedication in power conversion technology which is the core tech in solar inverters. As one of the first several listed solar inverter companies in China from 2010, the current market cap of Kehua surpasses $1 billion US dollars and has over 3000 full-time employees.


As an energy solution provider with nuclear product qualification, Kehua has an excellent quality system and is highly recognized. Kehua got an excellent evaluation from Dun & Bradstreet:

  •   D&B Rating: 5A-
  •   Financial Strength: 5A
  •   D&B EMMA Score: 3
  •   Organization:4.9
  •   Credit Health:4
  •   Delivery:4.7
  •   Quality Control:4.6
  •   Productron:4.2

In the renewable energy industry, Kehua has shipped over 14GW solar inverters in the world.


We devote to the “quality” which is seen as an important index.

On top of that, following the company’s strategy, we are carrying out an overseas brand promotion plan now and perform well in some markets, like in India, we got many awards and ranked NO.1 central inverter market share in Q1 2020, we keep ranking TOP10 inverter market share in Asia and is the fastest growing company.

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Kehua will put much more resources into marketing actions that cover both online and offline activities. We have built connections with the most influential organizations in different countries. What’s more, numerous roadshows and regional promotion activities will be organized together with our local partners to further expand our brand reputation.

Service is a point of great concern to the inverter industry. How does KEHUA provide service to customers?

The high quality and reliability products of Kehua have been highly recognized by customers. In the commitment to product quality, we also adhere to the customer-oriented with quickly response service, Kehua has a completed 3A technical service system:

  •   32 years of experience in power distribution solutions and product O&M
  •   Accumulation of maintenance practices for millions sets of equipment and systems
  •   16 technical service centers
  •   50 manufacturer technical service outlets nationwide and 20 overseas technical service outlets
  •   More than 500 engineers and O&M experts
  •   24×7 service
  •   One-stop supply of spare parts to minimize rush repair/operation and maintenance time
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Now, Kehua has been serving more than 100 countries around the world. The core markets are equipped with dedicated service teams to fully support the needs of customers.

At the same time, Kehua adheres to the concept of common development with its local partners., we provide technical exchanges, seminars, webinars to train and qualify our local partners to ensure they have adequate product knowledge and capability to respond to the service needs of local customers including parts replacement .

The industry is concerned about technical issues around integrating PV with ESS. How does your product ensure a smooth integration?

As an energy service provider focusing on power electronics technology for 32 years, Kehua has profound technology accumulation and understanding of the industry. Our technical level ranks in the forefront of the market, and ranked No.1 ESS market share in China.

Kehua already had over 14GW PV and 700+MW ESS experience in many regions, we have completed many PV+ESS integration applications, the reliable solution had gained very high customer satisfaction and nowadays, PV+ESS is one of the core competitive advantages of Kehua.

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Based on the deep understanding of the industry, plus the  rich practices and experience, Kehua’s products and solutions will continue to solve the integrated PV and ESS technical issues,  and play the important role and contribute its parts to the global renewable energy industry.

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