Freedom Forever Expands its Solar Footprint Across the American South

Rooftop Solar

Freedom Forever spreads its efficiencies and dealer network across the Southern U.S.


Residential solar energy installer Freedom Forever announced its expansion into the South with its newest service area in Georgia. This recent expansion comes only weeks after their expansion into North Carolina and South Carolina and adding to their established presence in Florida. The national installer aims to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s desire to become a leader in solar energy.  


Over the past eight years, Georgia has become one of the nation’s leading states for solar power, providing an ideal landscape to provide more homeowners with top-quality solar installation and service. In 2015, the Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act introduced legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to invest in solar by authorizing financing arrangements with private solar companies based on solar output, potentially reducing or eliminating the high upfront costs of solar panels and installation. According to SEIA, Georgia is projected to grow by 1,924 MW over the next five years.

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The expansion into Georgia marks Freedom Forever’s 20th state and their fourth territory in the South. There is plenty of solar energy potential in the sunny Southern US states, but until recently, lawmakers and utility companies have been resistant to the solar revolution. Southern states have their work cut out for them regarding adopting a more robust rooftop solar program to allow customers fair compensation for the solar power they export to the grid. Policymakers will need to explore new ways to expand access to solar power, explore tax credits and offer diverse financing options such as competitive solar leasing to advance policies that unlock the South’s solar potential.  


One thing is for sure, as states across the US become more open to the concept of accessible solar energy, Freedom Forever will be there, ready to help as many homeowners as possible. For more information, please visit FreedomForever.com.

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