KEHUA Inverter Promotes The PV System With Full Adaptation To 210 PV Module


KEHUA officially announces that its 7 string inverters and 4 centralized inverters on the market fully adapt to 210 PV module, which is recognized by Trina Solar – the technology pioneer of 210 battery and module. Both parties signed a joint statement that KEHUA inverters adaptable to 210 PV module can be supplied in batches.


KEHUA has a complete product line for PV power generation to provide customers with the centralized or string inverters with high efficiency, high stability and high adaptability. These products can be used as the power generation unit according to the construction site and environmental conditions of PV power plants, so as to achieve the optimal system design and help customers maximize benefits.


With the progress and change of PV industrial technology, the module power is continuously improved, and the requirements of the system for inverters are gradually improved. KEHUA keeps up with the pace of the times, follows the development trend of the industry, actively responds to customer needs and continuously innovates and upgrades based on 33 years’ technical accumulation. The rich application cases in the world have fully proved the quality of KEHUA inverter products and its services

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