Sunrun Solar to Help Small Businesses Benefit From Solar Rebate


Solar power has proven itself as a reliable way to reduce energy bills for businesses. But if the price of solar panel installation has been putting businesses off from switching to solar just yet, a newly announced government rebate is likely to change the game.


According to Sunrun Solar, installers of commercial solar panels in Melbourne, the biggest hurdle for most businesses looking to switch to solar is the out-of-pocket costs. Fortunately, a new rebate has been announced to reduce the up-front costs associated with solar power systems.

From May 2021, eligible small businesses in Victoria will be able to apply for the Solar for Business Program rebate. The rebate offer includes up to 50% or $3,500 (whichever is less) on eligible solar power systems.

Solar Panels Melbourne
Solar Panels Melbourne

The Small Business Energy Saver Program will also provide bonuses of up to $2,000 for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, such as air-conditioning, refrigeration, and heating pumps.


Over the next three years, 15,000 solar rebates will be available under the program. There are also some other subsidies to make installing solar power in Melbourne much more affordable. Australia has a national solar rebate subsidy, which can help slash small commercial solar systems’ up-front cost. 

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These subsidies will go a long way to ensuring you can make your business as energy efficient as possible without costing the earth. Keep in mind, there will be eligibility criteria, and if you install a system before the programs are in place, you will not be eligible for the rebate.

If you’re planning to take advantage of these new rebates, make sure you do your homework and talk to a reputable installer of solar panels in Melbourne, such as Sunrun Solar. They’ve helped many small businesses to make the switch to solar power with a range of incentive programs, and they will ensure you have the right solar power products to meet your business needs.

Sunrun Solar is just one of many installation companies that understands the importance of these government subsidy programs. As a renewable energy source, solar is a strong investment for jobs. It’s vital for the future of the environment and can help businesses become more profitable by driving down electricity costs.

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