SECI Issues RfS for 1.2 GW of ISTS-Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects


SECI has issued RfS document for Setting up of 1200 MW ISTS-Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects in India on “Build Own Operate” basis and selling the Hybrid Power to SECI.


SECI shall enter into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the successful bidders selected based on this RfS and Power Sale Agreement with the interested Buying Entities.

SECI shall enter into PPA with the HPDs for a period of 25 years from the date as per the provisions of PPA. The bidders will be free to avail fiscal incentives like
Accelerated Depreciation, Concessional Custom Duties, Tax Holidays, etc. available for such projects as per prevailing conditions.


The minimum bid capacity shall be 50 MW, with at least 50 MW of project capacity being proposed at each Project site, and maximum bid capacity under shall be 1200 MW.


The last date to submit the bids is May 28, 2021. The pre-bid meeting will be held on April 26.

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Under this RfS, a Hybrid Power Project shall mean a Project comprising two ‘components’ – one Solar and one Wind Power Project. The rated installed Project capacity of either of the two components shall be at least 33% of the Contracted Capacity. It is further clarified that the criteria of a solar/wind component meeting minimum 33% of the Contracted Capacity of the Project will be examined based on the rated AC capacity declared by the bidder for the corresponding component of the Project.

Buying Entities and bulk consumers which require wind-solar hybrid power to fulfill their solar and non-solar RPO under respective RPO regulations will be eligible to buy wind-solar hybrid power under this scheme. SECI shall sign PPAs with the HPDs at the respective tariffs discovered after e-reverse auction and back-to-back Power Sale Agreements (PSAs) with the Buying Entities at a pooled price of the total capacity allotted.

No separate Central Financial assistance is envisaged for implementation of the projects selected under this RfS

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The project should be designed for interconnection with the ISTS per the prevailing CERC regulations. The declared annual capacity utilization factor should not be less than 30%.

For more details refer below document:

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