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PLN To Present 1.3 MW Hybrid Solar Power Plant In Indonesia To Increase Renewable Energy Mix

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To increase the mix of New and Renewable Energy (EBT), PLN will present a 1.3 Mega Watt Peak (MWp) Hybrid Solar Power Plant (PLTS) in Parak Village, Bontomanai District, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi . Strived to operate in December 2021, this PLTS has an investment value of IDR 39 billion.


The General Manager of the PLN Main Unit for South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and West Sulawesi (UIW Sulselrabar), Awaluddin Hafid explained, the presence of PLTS Hybrid is a form of PLN’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly energy, especially in the Sulselrabar region.

“PLN will continue to move forward by carrying out transformations in order to prepare future electricity needs. Through the Transformation of “Power Beyond Generations”, PLN seeks to increase existing generators in the Sulselrabar region, by using green energy, such as using generators through wind, water and sunlight, “Awaluddin said.

Until now, the electricity system in Southern Sulawesi has also been supplied by generators originating from EBT, namely the Poso Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) with a capacity of 315 MW, PLTA Bakaru with a capacity of 126 MW, Sidrap Power Plant (PLTB) with a capacity of 60 MW, PLTB. Tolo with a capacity of 70 MW. The new and renewable energy mix in South Sulawesi’s electricity system is 29.8 percent with a total capacity of 861.42 MW. In the near future, PLTA Malea is also targeted to operate so that it will again add to the EBT mix in the South Sulawesi electricity system.

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On the other hand, the presence of PLTS Hybrid also increases the reliability of electricity supply and improves service voltage to existing customers around the location. In addition, this power plant can be an additional supply to serve 27,892 customers in Selayar Regency.

“With the PLTS Hybrid, it is hoped that it can bring great benefits to the environment and the economy of the surrounding community as well as encourage investors to be able to invest in the development of power plants that utilize new and renewable energy,” Awaluddin said.

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