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ReNew Power Selects Gujarat for Development of New Solar Component Manufacturing Facility


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ReNew Power, India’s leading renewable energy company, announced it’s plan to develop a solar cell and module manufacturing facility with 2 gigawatts annual capacity in Dholera Special Industrial Region, Gujarat.


The company said in a statement that the facility will manufacture solar cells and modules using state-of-the-art monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter & Rear Contact) and large wafer technology and will implement best practices in line with Industry 4.0 manufacturing standards.

The project has been allocated 100 acres of land by the state government, ensuring adequate availability of land for future capacity expansion. The plant is expected to be vertically integrated in terms of processes and infrastructure for the manufacturing of solar cells and modules and is anticipated to commence operations from fiscal year 2023. The manufacturing capacity being set up will incorporate ReNew Power’s sustainability initiatives and ensure decarbonisation of manufacturing processes and supply chain to create a ‘Green Factory’ of the future.

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“The Indian government’s Production-Linked Incentive(PLI) scheme for solar photovoltaic (PV) modules has opened up several avenues. ReNew plans to manufacture both solar cells and modules in the Dholera manufacturing facility with the goal of creating a globally competitive manufacturing unit. We are committed to India’s ambition of achieving 450 GW of clean energy generation capacity by 2030, and we believe the new manufacturing unit will play an important role in boosting India’s domestic manufacturing capacity for clean energy. The new facility will help the company to bring a crucial function in-house.” Founder, Chairman and CEO of ReNew Power, Sumant Sinha said.

Domestic manufacturing of modules and cells is expected to help renewable energy companies reduce their dependence on imported components and finished modules from China, which currently accounts for nearly 80 per cent of the world’s solar module production.

This will also help ReNew avoid paying high customs duties on imported components, which are expected to come into force from April 2022, the company said.

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In addition, the PLI scheme announced by the Centre in 2020 will also provide financial incentives to domestic manufacturing units and is expected to help add 10,000 megawatts of integrated solar PV manufacturing capacity in the country.

The Dholera manufacturing facility, apart from supplying to ReNew Power’s own utility-scale power generation business, will also sell components to other renewable energy companies in India, it added.

The Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister of Gujarat and Chairman of Dholera Industrial City Development Limited, Mr. M K Das said “The Gujarat Government is delighted to have ReNew Power set up its solar equipment manufacturing facility in Dholera.

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