Ministry Of Power (MoP) Approves Netmetering Upto 500KW Rooftop Capacity After Initial Proposed 10KW Cap


Ministry Of Power (MoP) Has Finally Amended The Much Awaited Electricity (Right Of Consumers) Amendment Rules, 2021 With Respect To Rooftop Solar Segment.


The amendment clearly states “Provided that where the regulations does not provide net-metering, net-billing or net feed-in, the commission may allow net-metering to the prosumer for loads upto 500Kw or upto the sanctioned load, whichever is lower and net-billing or net feed-in for other loads”.


The amendment further states that in case of prosumers availing net-billing or net feed-in, the commissions may introduce time-of-the-day (TOD) tariffs whereby prosumers are incentivised to install energy storage for utilization of stored solar energy by them or feeding into the grid during peak hours thus helping the grid by participating in demand response of the Discoms.


Also in case of net-metering or net-billing or net feed-in, the distribution licensee may install a solar energy meter to measure the gross solar energy generated from the grid interactive rooftop solar systems for the purpose of RPO credit, if any.

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Provided also that the commission may permit gross-metering for prosumers who would like to sell all the generated solar energy to the distribution licensee instead of availing the net-metering, net-billing or net feed-in facility and the commission shall decide generic tariff for gross-metering as per tariff regulations.


Net-metering policy in India has witnessed several revisions in India from Dec, 2020.

Net-metering for rooftop solar system was capped at 1MW until the government proposed to drastically cut it to 10KW in Dec 2020. After receiving multiple opposition and representation from several stakeholder MoP considered net-metering for capacity upto 500KW.

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