Antaisolar Supplied 30MW Solar Tracker For Utility Scale Solar Farm


With the total installed capacity of 100MW, located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, the solar power plant was successfully gird connected at the end of June in 2021, in which 30MW utilized Antaisolar’s Helios D2 solar tracker.


What are the challenges presented by both climate and terrain?


Adjacent to the Tengger Desert, there are many days of high wind speed and dusty weather throughout the year, also extremely low temperature in winter and large temperature difference between day and night. The landscape of this region is soft soil with undulating hills, forming a complex terrain.

Z:\07 工程案例\国内项目\2021年-国内支架项目\宁夏中卫100MW项目\宁夏宣和100mw水印2.jpg

Why Helios D2 was chosen for this project?

In order to achieve optimal BOS and LCOE, and based on on-site survey, Antaisolar provided Helios D2, the single-aixs 2P solar tracker for best match for bifacial modules, which can resist gust wind speed up to 45m/s. In the tuyere area, a redundant damping system was designed to further enhance the wind resistance of the project. As for the foundation, PHC solution was adopted to offer strong stability and thus reducing installation cost . Taking into account of complex terrain, Antaisolar offered different length of footing to nearly reduce the cost of land leveling.  

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Besides, the solar tracker controller adopted 800Vac power supply from the nearest inverter. By this way, it is free of lithium battery and don’t require much cable cost and  routing construction, which enhanced performance of the overall system under extremely low temperatures.

Moreover, the intelligent tracking algorithm has obvious advantages in this complex terrain. It can completely avoid shadow occlusion during the backtracking under different slopes, and can also improve the power generation of bifacial module in the case of low radiation and high reflectivity. It is estimated that it can achieve 6% annual power generation augment compared with the traditional tracking algorithm.

Wind energy+ solar energy, strong complementary energy model for local grid 

This 30MW solar power plant is the one more cooperation with local EPC, Antaisolar advanced products and considerable expertise are well recognized for the past record. With abundant wind resources, the project is close to a GW-level wind farm, the complementary energy model of photovoltaic + wind energy serve as a new way for popularizing clean energy.

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