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Hydrogen Alliance Set by Oman for Clean Fuel Industry


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A national hydrogen alliance has been set up by Oman for developing industry for the production, transporting, and utilizing the fuel. This would help in meeting worldwide demand for fuels which is increasing.


This alliance comprises 13 institutions from both the private and public sectors. This consists of oil and gas operators, government agencies, ports, and research institutions.

Setting up an alliance is a part of the energy diversification of Oman who is focusing on Oman Vision 2040 economic transformation plan.

Oman in May 2021, announced to develop wind and solar energy project (owned by OQ) which is capable of generating millions of tonnes of zero-carbon green hydrogen annually.  

Green hydrogen is generated by splitting water into its two components through electricity generated from renewable energy sources. These sources are also seen as replacements for fossil fuels and their high carbon emissions.

Middle East countries are focusing on diversification of their economies through new revenue sources and sectors which includes a rise in the use of renewable energy.

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While Abu Dhabi is planning to generate and export hydrogen as a fuel, Saudi Arabia in the NEOM high-tech business zone is working on a $5 billion hydrogen project.

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