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    Cybrid MoProTM Solution


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    Cracked Backsheet Repair Tape by Cybrid Technologies INC


    Among the installed solar systems/farms, there are a lot of modules and PV components (such as Backsheet, Jbox, cables, connectors, inverters, etc.) are under sub-healthy conditions which would lead to low energy yield and reduced financial gains.

    MoProTM, solution by Cybrid Technologies is targeting to resolve the above issues by providing solutions which will convert into prolonged life of Module along with higher energy yield & financial gain.

    Cybrid Technologies is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of functional polymer materials in thin film form with adhesives as the core. By virtue of its technological leadership and market achievements, Cybrid has led the development of national standards for backsheet in China. With the original innovation of KPf as its main product, Cybrid’s backsheet has kept growing its global market share and ranked as No.1 supplier in the world since 2014. Cybrid is not only a domestic leader, but also a major supplier and a well-known brand to several leading foreign PV module companies, including CSI, Trina, JA Solar, etc.

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    Backsheet failure in solar panels is not a rare occurrence and has been observed in solar farms more and more in recent years, especially in the solar farms aged around 5-year or older. The failed backsheet will cause reduced power yield in module and solar system as well as cree page which is a fatal hazard. Modules with problematic backsheet but not getting early and enough attention from solar farm owners frequently requires module replacement in a process which is very expensive and has involved lengthy legal battles and severe engineering challenges.


    However, modules with backsheet crack issues can be repaired on-site by using Cybrid’s backsheet crack repair tape. Both customers and third parties have tested Cybrid’s Backsheet Crack Repair Tape w/ satisfactory result. The company has shipped backsheet crack repair tape globally since 2017.

    Backsheet Crack Repair Tape GF-6375 (Crack Repair Tape) Characteristics:

    • GF-6375 acts as 2nd backsheet on module
    • GF-6375 leverages Cybrid’s KPf backsheet structure and advantage
    • Modules with cracked backsheet can be repaired on-site using GF-6375
    • GF-6375 has been verified by Customers, VDE, TUV-Rheinland for its effectiveness
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    Cybrid’s repair tape is the best solution to repair modules w/ cracked Backsheet.

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