Safari To Introduce PV + Storage Systems With AGreatE & Symtech Solar


Safari Group with AGreatE and Symtech Solar agreed to the launch of AI-based battery energy storage systems and similar products including solar renewable energy source systems in the Sultanate.


Safari Group is based out of Saudi Arabia. Symtech Solar is an industry leader in pre-engineered solar kits and systems integrators currently expanding into wind-based renewable energy systems. 

AGreatE is pioneering advances in the manufacture, development, and delivery of residential, commercial, large scale, and utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) in terms of safety, quality, design, and cost. 


As a result, this partnership will be introducing AgreatE’s battery-based hybrid residential and commercial PV + Storage systems alongside Symtech Solar’s expertise in solar PV. 


Combining the strengths of Safari Group with AGreatE’s BESS systems and Symtech Solar’s hybrid and micro-grid pre-engineered kits will greatly improve the delivery, performance, and pricing of product offerings in the future.

Tom Xu, CEO of AgreatE, and Geof Moser, founder of Symtech Solar Group, said, “We envisage huge future demand for solar systems and large scale and utility-scale battery storage, and our relationship with the Safari company in Saudi Arabia will assist us in meeting that demand. The strengths of all three companies are perfectly aligned to provide complete utility and large-scale solar hybrid solutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and sustainable development goals.” 

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Salim Al Aydh, the CEO of Safari, said, “Safari is strengthening its position even further by aligning itself with companies that are also headlining and demonstrating their environmental sustainability values that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is driving at, and we are happy to stand alongside leading partners like AGreatE and Symtech Solar in bringing high quality sustainable and renewable energy sources to the kingdom.”

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