119% Increase In Solar Energy Usage – Report


Almarai’s Sustainability Report 2020 revealed a 119% increase in solar energy use compared to 2019, as part of the company’s keenness to implement more sustainable solutions to reduce emissions every day.


According to the annual report, Almarai is aware of the serious risks involved in climate change and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions associated with fuel and electricity consumption.

The report monitored the progress of pastures in 2020 at the level of achieving a 4% reduction in car fuel consumption through the sales, distribution, and logistics department compared to 2019, while clean energy accounted for 2.5% of total electricity consumption (4.4% within the limits of the sustainability strategy), and the development of a road map based on ISO 50001 standards.


“Climate change can pose risks to agricultural production, so we look forward to aligning our practices so that we can meet production needs now and, in the future,” said Abdullah al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Almarai.

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He added, our energy strategy is based on solar power generation, increasing operational efficiency, enhancing energy monitoring efficiency, improving the energy culture in pastures by raising awareness in this regard, periodic maintenance and optimal use of equipment, and continuous improvement.

Al-Otaibi explained that raising energy awareness is an essential element in our overall energy management strategy, our ability to benefit from technological solutions as well, and we strive to establish an energy concession center that serves as a collaborative information exchange platform and plays an important role in the success of initiatives that help to advance our strategic objectives.

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