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BCPG Announces its Intention to Fight Global Warming, Aims for Net Zero by 2030


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BCPG announces its intentions to be one of Thailand’s leading organizations to fight global warming in the GCNT Forum 2021.


Mr. Bundit Sapianchai, Chief Executive Officer of BCPG Public Company Limited, announced his intention to “Preventing and Solving Problems Caused by Climate Change” at the Thailand’s Climate Leadership Summit 2021.

The summmit was organized by Global Compact Network Association of Thailand together with the United Nations.

Mr. Bundit Sapianchai shared his views during the discussion that In the past, BCPG has been in the business of generating electricity from green energy along with creating economy and good quality of life for the community. The company is stepping into a Carbon Neutral in early 2022 and aims to be Net Zero Emissions Organization for the next 10 years, most recently BCPG is one of the founders of Carbon Markets Club, a carbon credit trading platform. To provide opportunities for all sectors with the same ideology in solving global warming to trade and exchange carbon credits voluntarily.

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“The real challenge in solving global warming is Mindset or way of thinking, rules and regulations Because the development of technology has gone very far. Technology is no longer a real challenge. But it is our way of thinking or attitude that will drive the problem of global warming seriously,” said Mr. Bundit.

At present, the government has a policy to promote Digital Energy, which is something that BCPG has developed over the past 3 years, especially by allowing people to be producers, users and be able to buy and sell the remaining electricity for use between them. Also known as “Prosumer”, who will drive the expansion of technology exponentially. (Exponential) “Reduced cost of electricity from solar rooftop and financial innovation Including energy storage system technology will encourage the installation of solar power generation systems on the roof along with the installation of a large number of batteries. store electricity in china We believe that in the near future, the development of battery technology will make the use of electricity from clean energy more cost-effective and widespread. This will enable people to use electricity at a lower cost and cleaner.

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However, the government must urgently find ways to deal with the existing energy infrastructure that may not be able to support the development of energy technologies that are demanded by consumers and help address global warming immediately. “Energy prices are falling. The stability of the electrical power supplied to the transmission system and the cleanliness of the energy cannot be waited,” concluded Mr. Bundit.

Recently, BCPG was selected by the Stock Exchange of Thailand as one of the 146 “Thailand Sustainability Investments” (THSI) for the year 2021, reflecting its commitment to conducting business with environmental, social responsibility, and management. work with good governance in line with sustainable development guidelines.

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