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TrinaTracker Launches Trina Smart Cloud


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TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and business unit of Trina Solar, is launching its patented solution Trina Smart Cloud, a unique intelligent monitoring and control tracking solution that leads to intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M) of PV stations.

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Trina Smart Cloud lowers the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) by minimising power loss, improving system performance and reducing O&M costs. The application includes user-friendly software that can be easily integrated into other platforms and a network architecture that can be configured and adapted to the characteristics of each project.

TrinaTracker’s new control solution centralizes its intelligent algorithm to provide a smart O&M tracking total solution. It enables reliable and accurate operation across a wide range of weather conditions. In addition, it increases productivity through preventive diagnosis and O&M suggestions by drawing on comprehensive and reliable data analysis to ensure the stable operation of the whole PV station.

Trina Smart Cloud stands out in the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market since it includes:
✓ Highly visualized human machine interface
✓ Remote monitoring and data acquisition
✓ Data online analysis and processing
✓ Data package API
✓ Alarm protection system
✓ Quick troubleshooting
✓ Quick remote control and command
✓ Mature customized configuration
✓ Flexible & secure network architecture
✓ Integration of multiple machine learning frameworks

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The Trina Smart Cloud has already been used for the Tongchuan PV plant, a China top runner project commissioned in 2020.
Alberto Sánchez, senior KAM for Europe at TrinaTracker, says: “We are the only player in the solar market capable of offering one unique integrated solution that not only comprises modules and trackers, but it also includes an innovative and intelligent real-time monitoring application that accurately reports and predicts data and control the installation. With Trina Smart Cloud, we achieve our purpose of lowering the LCOE for our clients, providing them smart O&M for their installations.
Please click here to watch Trina Smart Cloud launch

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