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India Pacing Swiftly To Meet COP26 & Paris Accord Commitments

Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav

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According to Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav, India is on pace to meet the Paris Accord and COP26 obligations following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “LIFE mantra.”

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The minister stated that he had a fruitful chat with US climate delegate John Kerry and that India and the US have decided to continue their ‘Climate Action and Finance Mobilization Dialogue.’

“I had a fruitful phone conversation with US @ClimateEnvoy Mr John Kerry. We decided to take forward India-US Climate Action and Finance Mobilization Dialogue” Yadav tweeted

Prime Minister Modi offered a motto ‘LIFE-Lifestyle for Environment’ at the United Nations’ COP 26 in Glasgow last year for sustainable development via sustainable lifestyle, emphasizing the wise use of natural resources.

“Today, the world recognizes that lifestyle plays a significant part in climate change. I’d like to propose a one-word movement to all of you. This is the term LIFE, which stands for Lifestyle for the Environment. Today, it is critical that we all work together to advance LIFE as a movement,” PM Modi had stated during the summit.

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Yadav and Kerry formally started the India-US Climate Action and Finance Mobilization Dialogue at Delhi, in September 2021.

Yadav previously stated that the dialogue will not only deepen India-US bilateral collaboration on climate and environment but will also help to exemplify how the world can coincide with immediate climate action with integrated and resilient economic development while taking national affairs and sustainable development objectives into account.

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