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OQ With Others Is Developing Green Energy Oman


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An international consortium including OQ, Intercontinental Energy (ICE), and Enertech is developing Green Energy Oman (GEO) in Al Wusta Governorate. This is one of the largest green energy schemes in the world which will create opportunities for locals in the green hydrogen aspect.

The project will be powered with 25 GW of wind and solar generation capacity and will produce green hydrogen of 1.8 million tonnes p.a. and green ammonia of 10 million tonnes. The project will be developed in 10 years.

Ahmed al Rawas, Project Manager at OQ’s Alternative Energy unit said, “The GEO project has a significant ICV component due to the protracted phasing of construction, which allows for the development of both local know-how and supply chains. Additionally, it will expose many Omani businesses to new industries, bringing experience in wind and solar and adding to the current experience to the Oman business environment in the midstream and downstream sections.”

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The project will provide employment opportunities in all segments of the green hydrogen value chain. Also, local manufacturing of parts and equipment for solar and wind farms is important to generate clean energy for the process of electrolysis.

“Some of the new facilities that will be built here will open up employment opportunities for the local communities in the upstream (wind turbines and solar system), midstream (electrolyzers, piping, and power distribution), and downstream (in the processing of equipment and assembly). Also, from the scale of the GEO project, there is the opportunity for onshore manufacturing processes; it will encourage (international) manufacturers to move their facilities to Oman and thereby reach other customers in Oman and the region’’, he stated.

The final investment decision will be taken in 2026 and the construction will commence in 2027 on Green Energy Oman. The project will have an operational life of approximately 50 years.

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