World’s First PV and ESS Experimental Verification Project Powered By Sineng Electric in Daqing, China


Recently, the world’s first PV and ESS experimental verification project built by SPIC in Daqing, China has been commissioned, with the first-phase scale of 200MW and a total capacity of 1.05GW. By virtue of advanced technical design and excellent product performance, Sineng Electric proudly provided 275kW, 250kW and 175kW string inverters, 3.125MW central turnkey stations and 3.15MW distributed turnkey stations for the project. After being put into operation, the project is expected to accelerate the low-carbon development of Daqing and help build an innovative power system using solar energy as the main source.


The project adopts high-quality inverters and carries out pioneering outdoor verification research on PV and ESS products and systems in an environment of high latitude combined with extremely low temperatures. It aims at comparing the global mainstream PV technology and products under the same condition to provide detailed data reference for PV technology R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, investment benefit analysis, etc., thus promoting the technological progress of China’s solar energy industry. It is understood that the project will plan about 640 kinds of verification schemes, 161 of which have been deployed in the first phase. In the future, verification experiments of various new technologies, new products and new schemes will be included every year to achieve more milestones and contribute Chinese experience and expertise to the global development of renewable energy.

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Sineng Electric 275kW high-current inverter, 210mm ultra-high power modules, 182mm high power double-sided modules, and trackers are combined to form a better system, which gives better play to the potential of products in application scenarios. In addition, while actively demonstrating cutting-edge technologies and products, the project also strives to explore the design and application of innovative solutions. Different from conventional scattered installation, this time the project implements a centralized O&M management model through the 1MW integrated platform, saving time and manpower to improve overall efficiency.


Not long ago, Daqing suffered rare snow in 60 years, with a temperature as low as -15℃. With the arrival of winter, temperatures below -30℃ will be common. Thanks to devices provided by world-famous brands, Sineng Electric’s 275kW high-current string inverter is able to maintain stable operation in the extremely cold environment. At the same time, equipped with fuseless design and smart air cooling system, the failures caused by wearing parts are avoided at source, thus increasing the reliability significantly.

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SP-275K-H1 string inverter featured with higher current, higher efficiency, higher reliability and higher value is becoming the preferred choice of customers as the market develops towards affordable PV and low LCOE. In the future, Sineng Electric will continue to work on technological innovation, committed to delivering first-class products and solutions which bring more benefits and better service experience, making more contributions to the realization of carbon neutrality

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