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PTC Records Highest Trade Volume in 2021-22


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Power trading solutions provider PTC India on Friday said it has registered a record trade volume of 87,450 million units in 2021-22, which was 9.25 per cent higher than the pervious year.

“PTC clocked a record volume of 87,450 million units of energy during the FY22. Even in challenging times of COVID-19, PTC continued to develop new products/services, and was able to achieve 9.25 per cent growth in its trading volume compared to previous years,” a company statement said.

About its achievements during 2021-22, PTC said, it started a new centre at Gurugram to emphasise growth in consultancy and technology business.

On cross-border trading, the company said, it facilitated the import of power by Bhutan (DGPC) for the first time to meet its intermittent requirement of around 400 MW during winters.

The company started 200 MW of power supply to Bangladesh from Sembcorp Energy India Ltd, and signed an agreement for 70 MW power supply to Nepal Electricity Authority.

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PTC added new consultancy contracts with a consolidated value of approximately Rs 49.02 crore during FY22.

Besides, Hindustan Power Exchange which has been promoted by PTC, BSE and ICICI, received approval from CERC for setting up of a power exchange. The matching engine and necessary hardware are already in place, and the exchange operations are expected to start within the next 60 days, it said.

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