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Rajasthan Stood Second in Achieving Rooftop Solar Target

Rooftop solar system

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Rajasthan stood second in achieving the target for implementing solar rooftop projects in India.


Secretary, department of energy and CMD of Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation, Subhodh Agarwal said that Rajasthan has the largest installed solar capacity in the country, but the state was second in achieving the rooftop capacity target allotted to it, reported TNN.

Gujart has allocated target of 3200 MW of which it has achieved 54%, while Rajasthan has achieved 33% of the allocated 2300 MW capacity.

As of February 2022, With capacity of 1,936 MW Gujarat has come at No.1 while Maharashtra has 921 MW capacity and Rajasthan’s installed capacity stands at 748 MW.

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