Silent Power To Supply Solar Powered Products To UAE And Kuwait


Silent Power signed contracts with UAE and Kuwait to boost the expansion process for the company. The company will use solar energy for cooling products in water tanks and reduce the temperature of water from 62C to 28-33C.


This product is powered by solar energy with no battery usage. The company is working to empower sustainable energy in the Middle East region.


Mohamed Abdulaal, Founder and CEO of Silent Power said, “Our goal continues to launch innovative, eco-friendly solutions from Bahrain to the rest of the world, one household at a time. Since the investment round, our partners have supported us immensely in gaining new opportunities and making strategic decisions which support in achieving the company’s long-term goals.”


Hope Ventures’ Portfolio and Investor Relations Manager, Ameena Bucheeri, said, “The growth Silent Power achieved in Q1 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their team and the increased adoption of renewable energy by consumers in the region. We are proud of Silent Power, and we look forward to further supporting their journey as they innovate and introduce new renewable energy products.”

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