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Fimer To Power Up Intersolar Europe 2022 With Its Innovative PV Systems And EV Charging Solutions


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FIMER is set to show its technologies for Solar and EVI markets at Intersolar Europe 2022, from 11 to 13 May in München, including the recently launched ‘best-in-class’ Power platform for residential applications and the new powerful multi-MPPT PVS-350 string inverter for Utility-scale.

This event will also be an excellent occasion to reaffirm FIMER’s important role in driving solar innovation and providing smart solutions in response to different customer needs. Whether in residential, in commercial & industrial, or utility-scale applications, FIMER offers a wide range of solutions for both PV and e-mobility sectors.

Combining the latest technological innovations with high-end design features, PowerUNO and PowerTRIO inverters are available in a wide range of power options from 2 to 8.5 kW and feature single and three-phase options. PowerX, a modular battery, has one of the highest residential storage capacities on the market. PowerX provides a flexible option for capacity requirements of all sizes, up
to 48 kWh, along with a quick and easy installation.

FIMER’s best-selling product for C&I applications – PVS-10/33 – comes with the most advanced digital features which make it an ideal solution for any project. It is flexible enough to fit anywhere and can easily be installed in new or existing plants, thus providing lower installation and maintenance costs.
Some of its key benefits include quick installation, fast commissioning and fuse-free design and it is available in a wide range of power sizes from 10 kW to 33 kW.

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PVS-100/120-TL is the perfect solution for cost efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems for both ground mounted and rooftop C&I applications. This high-power platform with power ratings up to 120 kW, maximizes the ROI for decentralized solar plants. With up to six MPPT, energy harvesting is optimized even in shading situations.

PVS-350 is one of the most powerful and power-dense multi-MPPT string inverters in the solar industry, optimized for decentralized PV system architectures with a maximum efficiency of ɳMAX > 99% to ensure the highest energy yield. It also has the smallest footprint when compared to other similar products, and significantly reduces the risk of downtime that can occur with central inverters.

To satisfy the needs of the fast-growing electric vehicle market, FIMER has a complete portfolio of EV charging solutions for super-charged mobility, both in DC and in AC, designed to meet the diverse requirements of users, who are seeking solutions for private, public and commercial use: FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox, FIMER FLEXA AC Station and FIMER ELECTRA DC Station.

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FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is an EV charging device designed for private applications and it can be installed both on a wall or on a dedicated stand. It offers different configurations, depending on connectivity (Stand Alone, Inverter Net and Future Net models), power (3.7 – 7.4 – 11 – 22 kW) and connection to the vehicle (T2 cable and socket and T3A socket). Its casing and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. FIMER FLEXA Stand-Basic is the support suitable for all the different configurations of FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox. With a compact and essential design, this EV charger accessory is available for single and double charging modes.

FIMER FLEXA AC Station is the perfect solution for every application field, from residential to C&I, from corporate to public parking. Different configurations are available depending on connectivity (Models: Stand Alone, Local Controller, Future Net) and power (2×22 kW or 22+3.7 kW) with the possibility to charge up to two electric vehicles simultaneously. It includes all protections, monitoring
and diagnostic systems.

FIMER ELECTRA DC Station is a new generation of EV charging devices providing both fast DC and AC charging; definitively the best solution when fast charging is required. It allows to charge up to three vehicles simultaneously; depending on the number of vehicles connected to the DC outputs, the station distributes its maximum power dynamically. Specially designed with a modular architecture, it
ensures maximum flexibility and allows upgrades. The maximum total power deliverable by the station is 150 kW for the DC side and 43 kW for the AC side.

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FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox, FIMER FLEXA AC Station and FIMER ELECTRA DC Station are all easy to install, certified and customizable on request. FIMER’s experts will be available to present the full solar and EVI portfolio at Hall B4, stand 330.

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